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We think that massages help your soul as much as they help your body. This is why we pay attention to details. The environment, the materials, the quality of oils.
We want to make the massage something you will want to experience again. Choose the right one for you and find out yourself:


A traditional Hawaiian massage that not only relaxes stiff muscles, but also releases blocked energy. You will experience absolute relaxation.

Hawaii Luxury

This type of massage is based on traditional Hawaiian massages. It is a whole body massage that stimulates blood circulation and harmonizes and relaxes your body.

Hot stones

Bring balance to your body with this old procedure. Hot lava stones will remove negative energy from your body, relieve you of your pain and stimulate acupressure points.

Sports/medical masáž

This massage will perfectly relax your muscles and joints and relieve you of pain. Our massage therapists will let you forget about your worries and feel relaxed and refreshed.

Aromatherapy massage

A relaxing massage combined with essential oils that will allow you to get rid of stress, tension and headaches. It also strengthens your immunity and harmonizes your body and mind.

Cupping therapy

A traditional Chinese method that not only heals muscles, but also stimulates internal organs by activating acupressure and reflex points. It will make you feel so much better.

Anti-cellulite cupping massage of thighs and buttocks

A dynamic cupping massage of thighs and buttocks which improves blood circulation in these problematic body parts. We recommend combining it with a cleansing cure.


A harmonizing massage of your feet which will bring your body and soul in balance by focusing on the reflex points.

Chinese pressure massage

A cleansing massage which stimulates the energy paths and points of your body. It focuses on the skin and muscles and cleanses the lymphatic system.

Whole body peeling

Simultaneous relaxation and cleansing of the skin. These are the effects of the peeling massage. There is certainly no more enjoyable way of fighting wrinkles, cellulite and acne.

Lymphatic massage

A massage that will not only leave you relaxed, but also relieve you of problems that cannot be solved by classical massages. It will improve the circulation of lymph in your body so that any swellings will disappear. It is also effective against cellulite, but its main advantage consists in strengthening your immunity, which is why it is recommended after illnesses.

Lymphatic face cupping massage

The slight underpressure created by the cups will lead to better blood circulation and lifting of the face. The blood will reach the bottom layers of the skin and bring more nutrients to the tissues. Your skin will be bright, smooth and tightened after the massage.

Face gem massage

Unique beauty massage, during which selected and specially shaped gems are attached to the face, neck and chest, where together with regenerative massage has a positive effect on small muscles, skin and delicate skin of the face. Overall it is an excellent therapeutic relaxation.

Honey massage

The honey massage is a cleansing procedure that rids your body of toxins, cleans clogged pores and removes stress.

Thai massage

An old Thai massage technique aimed at intense stretching of the whole body. The stretching manoeuvres and techniques working with energy paths will bring you an exquisite feeling of harmony and deep muscle relaxation.