Seaside Greece Resort is located right on Vassiliki Beach. It belongs to the eponymous resort in the bay in the south of the island of Lefkada. The surface of the beach is dotted with small pebbles, but there are also sandy areas. The central beach is 2 km long with a gradual entry into the sea. It is especially popular among water sports enthusiasts.

Another beautiful beach at the resort is Agiofili Beach, which lies in a small bay. You can travel here by boat from the center or on foot and you will have amazing views of the entire bay with crystal clear water

If you want to get to know the whole island and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, we recommend the beaches:

Porto Katsiki beach is regularly ranked in the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is about 300 meters long, bordered by white cliffs and a rock. The sea is perfectly clean with a beautiful azure color. The beach is covered with white pebbles, the entrance to the sea is gradual and suitable for children. It is accessible by car or boat.

Egremni Beach is a pristine beach over 2 kilometers long. It consists of both sand and pebbles. Its width is defined on one side by the sea and on the other by steep cliffs. Currently, the beach is accessible only from the boat. In 2015, an earthquake hit the island, which damaged the access road for cars and pedestrians (probably Zeus wanted to reserve this beach just for himself).

Kathisma beach, golden warm sand, great facilities, but especially crystal clear and clear water. The whole beach is 1.5 km long and reaches a width of 80 m, so even during the high season you do not have to worry that there will be head to head. In strong winds, high waves form at sea. The back is reserved for nudists, but it is not an official nudist beach (We did not find out what Zeus says).

Megali Petra Beach is located near the town of Kalamitsi on the south coast of the island. The name of the beach means "big stone", which is blessed on the beach and in the sea. In windy weather, large waves can form here and frolicking in the sea can become dangerous.


Greeks like to enjoy life. One of the manifestations is to eat and drink well. A traditional Greek dinner is literally a social event. Greek cuisine is one of the best, but also the healthiest cuisines in the world. A little miracle - what is good can be healthy.

If you go from our resort on the pedestrian promenade on the left, you will come after 800 m to the center of Vasiliki. There is a variety of bars and nightclubs. Seafood, fish, lamb and chicken are served in a number of traditional taverns and restaurants. When you decide for traditional Greek cuisine, we can recommend the restaurant Vagelaras, if for European, we recommend Pizza Alex, of course with the offer of Greek cuisine. For lovers of burgers and fries, there is the Fat boys burger bistro, where they will serve you even in the late hours of the night. If you want to sit with friends and have a refreshing mixed drink, visit Vass Bar. If you prefer the intimate atmosphere of a romantic evening, head to our resort on the right and at the end of the promenade there are three very good restaurants with traditional Greek cuisine.

Places of interest Lefkas - tips for trips

There are many places on the island of Lefkada that are definitely worth seeing. If you like swimming, then these are the beaches on the west side of the island. If you want to see beautiful mountains, village life, beautiful churches and views, you have to go inland. An island guide is available in your rooms, but we will be happy to recommend some places.

The town of Lefkada - a hundred years ago there were many monuments in the Venetian style, but they did not defend themselves with two strong earthquakes. Even so, there are buildings of traditional Greek culture.

Be sure to visit the Agia Mavra Fortress, which has guarded the city limits since the 14th century, and visit the local archeological museum. After interesting tours, you can refresh yourself in various taverns and restaurants. Just outside the city you will find the Monastery and Church of Panagia Faneromeni. It is located at the top of a hill and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the view of the entire cityscape.

The town of Nidri - is the busiest and largest tourist center of the island, there are shops with various goods, taverns and a large number of traditional restaurants, where they offer the famous gyros. Near Nidri you can visit the local waterfalls, where you can also swim.

If you head inland, be sure to visit the American radars and the beautiful bell tower, from where you will see the east side of the island. Once you are inland, you must stop at an ancient village and a small local tavern, where they will offer you wonderfully prepared lamb.

In the southernmost point of the island, do not miss the famous Cape Doukato, a view of the white rock in the foreground, on which proudly rises a huge lighthouse. This area is shrouded in mysterious legends and the story of the poetess Sapfó, who was said to have plunged from this rock into the sea waters out of unrequited love.

You can visit all these interesting places by car, scooter or quad bike. In Vasiliki there are rental shops where you will definitely choose.


If you want to explore the resort’s surroundings and beautiful olive groves, you can rent bicycles through the picturesque valleys. The island is very mountainous, but inland there are pleasant paths that lead through a forested valley, where the temperatures and air are pleasant.


The island has beautiful beaches and clear water, but also beautiful underwater life. The area of ​​the southeast coast of Lefkada with a number of islands and islets offers an unprecedented diversity and variety of terrain from the simplest to the vertical walls falling to a depth of about 80 meters.

If you decide to go diving, be sure to use the services of Nautilus Diving Club, which is the number one in these services on Tripadvisor.


Lefkada is a windsurfing paradise. Vasiliki Beach is one of the ten best windsurfing areas in the world and the third best in Europe. The Ionian Sea, which is cooled by warm winds (mistral) during the summer months, creates excellent wind conditions for surfing.

Every noon, at the same hour, the wind begins to rise and its strength gradually increases and strengthens until late afternoon. In the adjoining hotel Vas you will find a rental equipment where you are sure to choose. In Vasiliki you will find many schools and surf shops.


The closed bay is ideal for this activity in the morning. The water level is calm and level without waves. Tourism is just waking up and you can relax beautifully at sea. You can book a paddleboard in our rental shop.

Boat and boat trips

In our resort you can book a boat for a maximum of 9 people for a full day or half day trip. Soft and alcoholic drinks and beer are available on the yacht. It is possible to order small snacks - sandwiches, fruits, vegetables.

You can choose from two options: trips to the west side of the island, where you will see the most beautiful beaches of the island with the possibility of swimming. Another variant of the trip is the southeast side of the island, where you will see a tangle of small islands - Meganisi, Skorpios. On this trip you can stop in the beautiful port village of Sivota, where there are taverns overlooking the sea.