1. City of Vassilika
• A paradise for surfing and water sports

2. Cape Doukato
• The southernmost point of Lefkada with a coast lined with high cliffs
and stormy sea
• There is a lighthouse, which is a frequent tourist destination

3. Porto Katsiki beach
• One of the most beautiful local beaches
• The beach is surrounded by high white cliffs
• One of the best rated beaches in the world

4. Egremni beach
• Another of the most beautiful beaches covered with beautiful white sand
with beautiful clear water
• Hills with cliffs are surrounded by high waves
• The beach can only be reached by boat or stairs

5. Mega Petra Beach
• A beautiful place named after the large stones from the surrounding rocks

6. Kalamisti Beach
• A small beach on the west coast covered with a mixture of sand and pebbles,
surrounded by rock blocks that create a local romantic atmosphere
• You can find windmills in the area
• Access to the beach is only possible on foot
• The beach is suitable for hiking and romantic walks

7. Kathisma Beach
• Another of the most beautiful beaches on the island, surrounded by high hills
with lots of greenery

8. Agios Nikitas
Beach • The beach, located directly in the resort of Agios Nikitas, is 100 m long
and covered with fine white and gold sand.
• In both directions it is connected to a small beach covered with sand with rocks.

9. Pefkolia beach
• The beach is covered with coarse sand with a turquoise sea

10. Agios Ionnis beach
• One of the most beautiful beaches in the far north of the island, which
is also the most popular place for tourists, due to the really fine sand

11. Church of Agios Ioannis Antzoussis
• The church is located near the beach of Agios Ioannis in the local rock in which
it is carved
• The church was repaired by the Franks in the 16th century. According to legend, he was visited by the apostle

12. Panagi and Faneromeni Monastery
• One of the most important sacral monuments of Lefkada, which is built
on the original temple of Artemis in 1634
• The current form dates from the 19th century
• There is a Christian museum with Byzantine icons

13. Church of Panajia Hodeghetria
• The church is one of the oldest Byzantine buildings of the 15th century on the island,
located near the capital Lefkada
• The interior of the church is decorated with murals and frescoes

14. Agia Mavra Fortress
• Venetian fortifications of the island. Now you have the opportunity to admire its torso
and the remains of the Middle Ages
• This fortress, now only the contour masonry, dates from the 14th century, where it served
as a defense against invaders
• The fortress can be found near the capital Lefkada

15. The
capital of Lefkada • A smaller town with a main class and a pedestrian zone with a port lined by
taverns, bars and cafes
• You will also find a falling bridge connecting the island
to the mainland several times a day

16. Dimosary Waterfalls
• Waterfalls are located 4 km from the center of Nidiri
• Waterfalls can be found using the marked route
• Under the waterfall there is a small lake where you can swim

17. Nidiri
• The largest, most popular and busiest resort

18. Skorpios
• Private island, originally owned by Aristotle Onassius (1962),
who built his summer residence here
• There are two small beaches on the island accessible to the public

19. Meganissi
• The permanently inhabited island of Lefkada
• The island is ideal for romantic walks through olive groves and vineyards,
with hidden windmills

20. Sivota
• A small port with a fishing tradition located in a bay in the southwest of the
island, 15 km from the capital Lefkada

21. Agiofyllis beach
• 130 meters wide bay surrounded by high hills and rocks, the
surface of which is a mixture of sand and pebble