Experience the Alps in the heart of the Krkonoše mountains
The smell of wood, total privacy, perfect care. We bring the standard of the best Alpine family chalets to Špindlerův Mlýn.
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Refresh yourself in an oasis of luxury in the middle of industrial Ostrava
A heated Jacuzzi, care, warmth and tranquility. Then a few pairs of hands dancing on a massage couch. Treat yourself to a massage at the Luxury Spa in Ostrava.
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Why take a car when you can fly
Hundreds of horses in the perfectly adjusted engines, a full tank, and freedom. Choose a plane you want us to prepare for you and then just… fly.
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Borrow a piece of Greece with your friends
Just you, the people you love and a piece of the Ionian seaside. Water, wind, sun and surfing – you know better ways how to slow down?
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Our physiotherapist has skilful hands
We always have time for you and the therapy must be perfect. We say that "it doesn’t matter how long the therapy lasts, it's the outcome that matters".
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Enjoy the Caribbean
Azure blue sea, perfect waves, immense diving, tranquillity and comfort of an exceptional suite on one of the pearls of the Caribbean. Welcome to Bonaire.
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Dubai's luxury has many forms
Incredible things happen here. Comfort has no limits here. There is always something to surprise you and luxury is not just a synonym.
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A place where ideas become reality
Camelot is a unique place for your meetings. We will support your plans and creativity with perfect service and facilities for business and relaxation.
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